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General news and project updates

Fabulous Females - Lizzy Leopard

Published: 17 July 2008
We have finally begun to have some success in capturing the elusive and wily Cederberg female leopards. On Monday the 14th July, we managed to capture and collar our fourth adult female leopard – F5. We…

Training members of the BIOTA group

Published: 01 July 2008
Two members from communities in Namaqualand that are involved in the BIOTA group have been selected to receive training by the CLT project team.

Cub's death draws attention to cruelty of toothed traps

Published: 26 June 2008
John Yeld, Cape Argus A Cape leopard cub that spent an agonising three-and-a-half days with a mangled paw tightly jammed in the steel teeth of a gin-trap on a Northern Cape farm, has been euthanased by conservationists…

New leopard for the Gouritz Corridor!

Published: 10 June 2008
To our great excitement of looking through hundreds of baboon photographs, we happened on this slender young leopard – only to discover that this youngster has not yet been captured by our cameras! That brings the…

Trapped leopard saved after epic mountain mission

Published: 22 May 2008
Cliffhanger - In an epic rescue effort yesterday, conservation and veterinary staff rallied to save a gin-trapped leopard in the Hantam Mountains near Calvinia.   Cape Leopard Trust (CLT) project manager, Quinton Martins, was contacted by…

Apache, M11 Adoption - In memory of Paul Middelmann

Published: 22 April 2008
"Paul passed away in November 2006. He was a staunch Cape Leopard Trust  supporter, influencing many others to do the same. His family, including his  mom all got involved in one way or another and I…

Is that a leopard over there?

Published: 15 April 2008
Our first camera trap photographs from one camera station in the Kamiesberg-Garies district of Namaqualand have yet to reveal signs of leopard, however, this small-spotted genet posed for the occasion. It's still early days, and Ben-Jon…

Spot Spotted

Published: 09 April 2008
F10 or "Spot"- the adult female leopard adopted by the Motamedia group in the UK finally has her leopard identikit. One week ago, Quinton & Liz were out tracking the male M10, when we found fresh…

US$ 110 000 has been given to the Cape Leopard Trust

Published: 25 March 2008
A grant of US$ 110 000 has been given to the Cape Leopard Trust to set up a new leopard project in Namaqualand. This substantial amount of funding has come from the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund…

Recent volunteers at the Cape Leopard Trust

Published: 25 March 2008
Fiona Pamplin joined the Gouritz project in January to gain some field experience in working in cat conservation. She recently completed her BSc (Hons) in Zoology from the University of Leeds in the UK. She has…

Acceptable trapping techniques

icon no trap The Cape Leopard Trust’s position statement on acceptable trapping techniques for carnivore research

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