CLT Environmental Education Activity Sheets

This page serves as a portal for the activity and memorandum sheets that accompany our CLT online lessons.
The lessons can be found at our dedicated CLT EE YouTube channel.
The activity and memo pages can be used to further understanding and test comprehension.
To download, click on the links below.

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To download our Environmental Education Programme activity sheets, click on the links below.

Om ons Omgewingsopvoeding Program akitwiteitsbladsye af te laai, klik op die skakels hieronder.

  • Leopard Word Search Puzzle

  • Luiperd Woordraaisel

  • Scavenger Hunt

  • Skattejag

  • Leopard halfsie

  • Leopard Crossword

  • Leopard Crossword Answer

  • Leopard Crossword Answer

  • Threats

  • Threats Memo

  • Leopard vs Cheetah

  • Leopard vs Cheetah Memo

  • Predators

  • Predators Memo

  • Characteristics

  • Characteristics Memo

  • Diet

  • Diet Memo

  • Food chains

  • Food chains Memo

  • Ecological Importance

  • Ecological Importance Memo

  • Luiperd vs Jagluiperd

  • Luiperd vs Jagluiperd Memo

  • Animal Communication

  • Animal Communication Memo

  • Spoor

  • Spoor Memo

  • Waste

  • Waste Memo

  • Leopard Tracks & Signs

  • Leopard Tracks & Signs Memo

  • Clanwilliam Cedar

  • Clanwilliam Cedar Memo

  • Herbivores

  • Herbivores Memo

  • Omnivores

  • Omnivores Memo

  • Carnivores

  • Carnivores Memo