Board of Trustees

Prominent researchers, conservationists and businessmen form part of the Board of Trustees. Each trustee brings with them a wealth of knowledge, passion and guidance. We are grateful for their contributions and continued support.

We are honoured to have the following individuals serve as Trustees for the Cape Leopard Trust.

Helen Turnbull

Helen is the Chief Executive Officer at The Cape Leopard Trust, and her focus is to ensure the various dynamics of the project are managed transparently and efficiently. Her role includes relationship management with partners, fundraising, sponsorship liaison, financial oversight and project marketing.

Johan van der Westhuizen (Chairman)

A founding member of the Cape Leopard Trust and retired businessman who now devotes much of his free time to conservation. Johan is also a founding member of the Cederberg Conservancy, and founding member and chairman of the Red Cederberg Karoo Park, a conservation area in the unique Cederberg succulent Karoo.

Dr. Ian McCallum

Medical doctor, psychiatrist, naturalist, writer and former Springbok rugby player. Ian was also one of the founding members of the Wilderness Leadership School in the Western Cape.

Professor William Horsnell

Lecturer and researcher in the Institute of Infectious Diseases and Molecular Medicine, University of Cape Town. Bill has had a long-term interest in natural history, which led him to undertake a degree in Applied Zoology at the University of Leeds and develop an interest in parasitology and biochemistry. This resulted in a PhD at the Royal Veterinary College in cellular biology and biochemistry. Bill has been a part of the project since its inception.

David Knott

David is a non-executive Director of Private Client Trust, the fiduciary pillar of Private Client Holdings ( see, and is a fiduciary specialist. David has extensive experience of trust management and was at one time CEO of Syfrets Trust and subsequent to the merger of Syfrets, BoE and Old Mutual he was appointed Head of Fiduciary Product for the BoE Trust. His experience qualifies him to apply his valued expertise to assist with financial oversight and compliance for the Cape Leopard Trust.

Jannie Nieuwoudt

Jannie Nieuwoudt is a 7th generation Cederberg farmer and chair of the Cederberg Conservancy. He has been a supporter of the CLT for many years and is currently the secretary of the Red Cederberg Karoo Park. Jannie was one of a group of farmers who decided to ban the use of inhumane gin traps in terms of predator management and was a founding member of the Cederberg Conservancy.

Dr. Andrew Baxter

Andrew’s early career as a Palaeo-ecologist helped to shape his affinity for wild and remote places – especially the mountains of the Western Cape. Andrew is a life-long conservationist, a founding member of the Cape leopard Trust and he currently sits on the board of the Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency. Andrew speaks authoritatively on matters relating to Climate Change.

Acceptable trapping techniques

icon no trap The Cape Leopard Trust’s position statement on acceptable trapping techniques for carnivore research

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