Our Purpose and Vision

To ensure the long-term survival of leopard
populations by promoting peaceful coexistence
and the protection of landscapes, empowered
by scientific research, positive community
partnerships, education and advocacy

Project Information

The Cape Leopard Trust has a number of active leopard and predator research projects in the Western Cape region.

The enigmatic Cape leopard is used as an icon to advocate for the protection of predators in their natural environments, as well as to raise awareness of broader biodiversity issues and promoting the need for committed conservation of ecosystems.


About the Cape Leopard Trust

The Cape Leopard Trust is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation engaged in innovative research, conservation and education projects established to facilitate and promote the conservation of biological diversity.

The CLT consists of a small, highly dedicated, educated and enthusiastic team, spread across a number of project areas.


Safe & Humane
Trapping Techniques

The Cape Leopard Trust approves trapping for scientific research purposes only. For more information read the short overview of three trapping methods used in predator research and currently recommended by global conservation specialists as safe and humane.