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General news and project updates

Published: 22 October 2006
I have some amazing news - Fantastic NEWS!! I have managed to capture and collar our Fourth leopard in the Cederberg on Friday. An adult male weighing 32kg. What a stunning animal! t was quite a…
Published: 23 July 2006
This recent photograph was taken of Johan with his new GPS collar. We are capturing even more photographs of this enigmatic cat since he has his new “jewelry” on. The female leopards must take quite a…
Published: 08 March 2006
Dear Friends I am unbelievably happy to tell you..."Johan" was captured and collared on the 23 February!!!!!!  I have been in the field since then, and have only now finally been able to get this information…
Published: 27 January 2006
Two and a half months have passed and still no sign of 'Johan' near our cage trap set for him to be collared. For whatever reason, he has avoided the area he routinely visits. Yet, day…

Acceptable trapping techniques

icon no trap The Cape Leopard Trust’s position statement on acceptable trapping techniques for carnivore research

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