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Assegaay Bosch's elusive leopard

Published: 11 November 2008

I always feel like a kid on Christmas morning when going to check the camera traps. I’m so anxious and excited about what I might find! However, on some occasions, or with some leopards, I should add, this feeling of excitement becomes more like one of frustration. One such leopard is the one spotted on Assegaay Bosch lodge’s jeep track, as is evident from the photographs below.

On my previous visit to the lodge, I received more elusive photographs! On this occasion, the leopard decided that using the camera as a scratching post (and subsequently pushing the camera over!) was far preferable to having its photograph taken. Luckily, I had set up the video function on the camera and this is what I found



Acceptable trapping techniques

icon no trap The Cape Leopard Trust’s position statement on acceptable trapping techniques for carnivore research

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