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General news and project updates

Leopard crossing, Uitkyk Cederberg

Published: 07 May 2012
Lumondt Kritzinger and his family spent a long weekend in Uitkyk cottage in the Cederberg at the end of April 2012. While driving on the winding dirt tracks they stumbled across a leopard crossing the road,…

The Hell: Paradise on Earth - Setting up camera traps in Gamkaskloof

Published: 01 May 2012
There are, in truth, only a few hellish things about The Hell (or Gamkaskloof, to use the more politically correct name for the place). While some may consider the total absence of any form of communication…

MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet - The Cape Leopard Trust as a beneficiary

Published: 25 April 2012
The Cape Leopard Trust has been provisionally accepted to become a MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet beneficiary, a fundraising initiative run by Woolworths. This social responsibility programme currently supports over 10 000 schools and 600 charitable organisations, and…

Saving Spots in the Cederberg

Published: 20 April 2012

Spot the Cape Leopard

Published: 20 April 2012

Black Eagle Project – First Verreaux’s Eagle capture and GPS deployment in the Cederberg

Published: 12 April 2012
Megan Murgatroyd, researcher for the Black Eagle Project, a project supported by Cape Leopard Trust, has spent the past three weeks undertaking intensive efforts to catch and GPS tag adult Verreaux’s eagles. Working with Victor Garcia…

Cederberg caracal research - Caracal capture at Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve

Published: 11 April 2012
On March 30th Dr Quinton Martins went to Bushmans Kloof to set up one of our newly developed safe rope netting traps to capture caracal for research purposes. The aim of the project is to look…

The Wemmershoek twins wrestle in their waboom jungle gym

Published: 15 March 2012
We have mentioned many times the anticipation we feel before downloading camera data from field cameras. At present we only have a limited number of cameras in the field to monitor selected sites while we focus…

Cape Mountain Leopard Tracking

Published: 08 February 2012
Leopards of the Cederberg Please find attached the programme for the Cape Leopard Tracking event at Bushmans Kloof. Please see: http://www.bushmanskloof.co.za/special_events-cape_leopard-2012.php AboutThe Cape Leopard Trust (CLT) was founded in the Cederberg Mountains in 2004. Here, a long-term…

Toktokkie Camp Maintenance

Published: 08 February 2012
It was a Cape Leopard Trust New Year's resolution to give the campsite at Matjiesrivier a little TLC and so it was that four of us (myself and three teenage home school students from Kommetjie) headed…

Acceptable trapping techniques

icon no trap The Cape Leopard Trust’s position statement on acceptable trapping techniques for carnivore research

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