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General news and project updates

Published: 08 February 2012
Leopards of the Cederberg Please find attached the programme for the Cape Leopard Tracking event at Bushmans Kloof. Please see: http://www.bushmanskloof.co.za/special_events-cape_leopard-2012.php AboutThe Cape Leopard Trust (CLT) was founded in the Cederberg Mountains in 2004. Here, a long-term…
Published: 08 February 2012
It was a Cape Leopard Trust New Year's resolution to give the campsite at Matjiesrivier a little TLC and so it was that four of us (myself and three teenage home school students from Kommetjie) headed…
Published: 07 February 2012
We are pleased to provide you with our annual report for 2011. It was a year filled with excitement and project progress. We hope you find the contents interesting. Thank you for supporting the Cape Leopard…
Published: 19 December 2011
Wishing you all the best for the festive season and the New year! Thank you for your invaluable support and interest in the project... Warmest regards,The Cape Leopard Trust Team
Published: 05 December 2011
Dear Cape Leopard Trust supporters, the project's very first research vehicle, a Suzuki jeep SJ410, fondly known as "Frikkadel" is in desperate need of refurbishment. Frikkadel was purchased with the first funds raised on the project…
Published: 01 December 2011
Published: 21 November 2011
It is always exciting to download the memory cards from our camera traps - we go through the photos in great anticipation; always hoping that a spotted cat would pop up on our laptop screen.  Imagine…
Published: 14 November 2011
Surely one of the biggest draw cards of Mountain Biking as a sport is the great outdoors - many routes and trails (some demanding more effort than others) take you to some of the most beautiful…
Published: 27 October 2011
When buying a camera trap, one should always be conscious of how one intends to use it and especially how frequently it will be checked. If you can check a camera fairly regularly, then cameras that…
Published: 28 September 2011
In September 2011, Avis South Africa came on board as a main sponsor of the CLT Boland Project. They have sponsored the project the use of a new Toyota Hilux Double-Cab 4x4. This sponsorship is invaluable,…

Acceptable trapping techniques

icon no trap The Cape Leopard Trust’s position statement on acceptable trapping techniques for carnivore research

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