Special News from the CLT Environmental Education Team

Special News from the CLT Environmental Education Team
Published: 07 May 2020

The year 2020 has been a rollercoaster, and as the human world navigates numerous unexpected and complex challenges, nature seems to be thriving. The Covid-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown have seriously restricted the CLT’s research and conservation field activities, although all of the office-based work has been continuing as normal. However, our normal environmental education activities have all been placed on hold, and one of the biggest challenges our EE team is facing now is not being able to conduct our outdoor activities programme and share our knowledge with children.

This has forced us to be creative and to start thinking beyond the “norm” as we know it. We have therefore embarked on a new e-journey so that our learners can still have access to our unique educational material. We are creating online content and resources to ensure that parents and educators at our schools are equipped with a selection of tools, activities and lessons to support their teachings. As part of this process, we are proud to introduce to you our dedicated environmental education YouTube channel: Visit YouTube Channel

This channel serves as a portal where we can showcase our online “Let’s Talk Education Series” and new online lessons. The lessons touch on topics that would aid the understanding of nature and the world leopards live in. The idea is that teachers and parents have access to the lessons to help them in covering curriculum topics. New content gets created and uploaded regularly and there is content for younger and older children, so subscribe to the channel to receive the latest educational videos.
Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

To further aid teaching, every lesson has an activity and memo that can be used to further understanding and test comprehension. These activities and memorandums are available on a special education download page on our website. Also on this page is a couple of fun activities we posted during the weeks of hard lockdown.
Visit our website for resources

Please share this news with your colleagues, friends and family so that they too can have access to these free educational resources.

Until we can roam free together again, stay creative, stay active, stay safe!

Thank you for your continued support.

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