New Avis Cat On The Block

Elizabeth Martins and Jaclyn Stephenson get the key to the door from Daniel Kerslake of Avis Cape Town.
Elizabeth Martins and Jaclyn Stephenson get the key to the door from Daniel Kerslake of Avis Cape Town.
Published: 29 May 2014

The Cape Leopard Trust has recently taken delivery of a new Polo Vivo 'Blue Motion' courtesy of our awesome partners Avis. The new vehicle is already out on the road visiting schools and being guest of honour at local events as our new leopard ambassador. The environmentally friendly 'Blue Motion' technology means that the engine is fuel efficient and it purrs as it drives around Cape Town promoting our environmental education programme. Environmental Educators Elizabeth Martins and Jaclyn Stephenson took delivery of the new foxy feline last month, and with its striking design we are sure it will make a big impression.

Due to the expansion of our environmental education program, the new vehicle will be allowing our educators the opportunity to access a greater network of schools and children in the Cape. Currently the team is driving out to groups and doing interactive, fun and engaging presentations on the Cape Leopard Trust and educating learners about the greater ecology of their natural environment. Most children in these groups have never ventured out of their communities, let alone out of the city, and taking them up the mountain, to the beach, exploring wetlands and away from their daily routines opens their eyes to the greater world around them and connects them to the natural world. 

The Cape Leopard Trust education team offers a variety of specially designed programmes and adventures to schools and youth groups in the form of planned hikes, walks and fun activities, such as drawing, tracking, observing and playing games with the aim to inspire our young people learn to respect, and ultimately fall in love with nature and the outdoors.

So next time you are on the roads, get out your binoculars, keep your cameras at bay and try and ‘spot’ our little leopard vehicle, which is venturing out to inspire, motivate and activate young people across the greater Mother City.

A big thank you to Avis! The Cape Leopard Trust really values this partnership that allows us to stay mobile and make a difference.

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