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How to Support and be Involved

The mountains of the Boland are almost completely surrounded by towns, which puts the Cape Leopard Trust Boland Project right on the doorstep of literally millions of people. This gives us an ideal opportunity to create awareness of the amazing natural wealth these mountains harbour, while increasing exposure and support for our research. The Cape Leopard Trust Boland Project will be one of the largest leopard camera trapping studies in the world, and the support and involvement of the conservation sector, private landowners and the broader public will be integral to the success of the project.

Financial support & sponsorships

The Cape Leopard Trust is a non-governmental organisation, and we rely on sponsorships, private funding and research grants to carry out our research. Any donations of any amount, no matter how small, are very welcome and much needed. Donations made to the Cape Leopard Trust are tax deductable.

Cape Leopard Trust Boland Project banking details:

Account name: The Cape Leopard Trust
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Long Beach Mall
Branch #: 260300
Account #: 62253016242
Account type: Current account

Camera sponsorships

Raising sufficient funds is vital to effectively run this project, and interested parties are invited to considering sponsoring or buying cameras.

a. Sponsoring a camera

Basic cost per camera: R3000

  • The sponsorship includes full servicing of the camera for a year (batteries, cards etc.)
  • The Cape Leopard Trust decides on the camera placement, as it must form part of a rigorous survey.
  • The data (photos taken with the camera) belongs to the Cape Leopard Trust.
  • Efforts will be made to involve individuals, groups or clubs who sponsor a camera(s), in the servicing of their own camera(s) – should they be interested to do so.
  • Sponsors will be privy to all photos from their camera(s), and the Cape Leopard Trust will compile and send a general camera trap CD containing highlight photos to all camera trap sponsors every four months.
  • Sponsors are mentioned on the Cape Leopard Trust website

b. Buying a camera

Basic cost per camera: +/- R3000

  • Private landowners who want their own cameras can purchase them from the Cape Leopard Trust on the basis that we have access to their data. We will assist the landowners with the placement and setting up of their cameras.

Provide accommodation, contacts, & access to private land

We will be relying heavily on participation and support from private landowners, hiking and other outdoor clubs and the general public. Although a large portion of our study area comprise of provincial nature reserve, a substantial amount of mountain habitat is privately owned. Access to private land is integral to the success of our study, and building a good relationship with landowners is crucial.

We call on anyone

  • who would like to offer available accommodation in the study area to the two Boland Project researchers for shorter or longer periods while conducting fieldwork in the area,
  • who can put us in contact with private landowners in the study area,
  • who can give us access to private land in the study area,

to please contact us at

Assist in camera servicing

The camera traps need to be serviced every four to six weeks. Servicing entails changing the batteries and memory cards, and clearing the area in front of the camera of vegetation that might trigger it. Anyone interested in assisting with the servicing of the cameras are most welcome to contact us. Although, for obvious reasons, not everyone will be able to join every time, we will do our best to involve as many people as possible.

Share observations of leopard activity

Reports of leopard sightings and observations of leopard tracks, scats and scratch marks are very valuable sources of information. We use it to identify suitable sites for camera traps, and we call on everyone please to share this info with us. Where available, a GPS coordinate of the locality is extremely useful, so please send that on as well.

Spread support and awareness for the work of the Cape Leopard Trust

Ultimately we’d like to see the Cape Leopard Trust Boland Project become a flagship research and conservation project in the Western Cape. We’re working towards creating a deeper appreciation for the amazing wildlife the Cape mountains have to offer, and mobilising the broader community to take ownership of the biodiversity in the mountains they see every day. So please spread the word!

The Cape Leopard Trust Trapping Techniques

icon no trapShort overview of three trapping methods considered by the Cape Leopard Trust as safe and humane: Cage traps, Foot loop traps or Foot snares, Soft-catch traps, References to relevant scientific literature.

Read more

Latest News Updates

  • Vacancy: Community Outreach Officer in the Cederberg

    Vacancy: Community Outreach Officer in the Cederberg

    The Cape Leopard Trust is seeking to appoint a suitably qualified Community Outreach Officer to manage its community outreach programme in the Cederberg district and run its environmental education camps at Matjiesrivier Nature Reserve in the Cederberg. The successful candidate will be physically fit, will have experience in establishing and managing community development…
    Written on Tuesday, 14 February 2017 14:56
  • CLT job opportunity: Cederberg project and research assistant

    CLT job opportunity: Cederberg project and research assistant

    The Cape Leopard Trust is seeking to appoint a suitably qualified person to assist the Cederberg Project and Research Manager. This position is based at the Matjiesrivier Nature Reserve, Cederberg Wilderness. Please read the attached vacancy notice carefully and note the closing date of 24 February 2017.
    Written on Tuesday, 07 February 2017 11:58

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