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Gouritz Project Update

Published: 25 March 2008

We visited the Gamka/Swartberg in December to look at potential camera trapping sites for the project. An area of 100 000ha was divided up into grids cells of about 5000ha each and areas within these were identified as potential camera trapping sites. Leigh & her assistants (Johnny from Cape Nature & Fiona Pamplin) went to set up cameras later in January, identifying suitable locations to try capture leopard photographs. The results...

Six leopards in six months!!


So the Gouritz project is off to a great start!

Thus far, we have set up 16 camera trapping sites with very promising results. We have managed to capture images of six different leopards! We have also got pictures of caracal, aardwolf, aardvark, African wild cat, vervet monkey and of course baboon. One of the leopards captured are shown in the pictures below.

Besides doing the camera–trap work, Leigh and her Cape Nature field assistant, Johnny, are very busy with scat collection at the moment. They have been really successful having collected over 50 leopard scats thus far.

We have also received camera trap sponsorships from:
Pieter Nel; Michael Sparg, Sarah Templey & Joan Berning – thank you for this considerable contribution to the project. The camera trap sponsorship is a R3500 package which results in us being able to purchase a camera unit, and provide you with some classic images in return.