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Flights and tracking from Bateleurs

Published: 25 March 2008

With the continual support of the Bateleurs, we have saved an enormous amount of time and resources in order to track our very elusive leopards in the Cederberg. Our most recent flight, on the 27th February, was exceptionally productive. We were able to get GPS downloads and track Amber, Oom Arrie, M11 and Trompie.

The latter has been almost impossible to find over the past 3 months, however, this last flight with Bateleurs pilot, Johan Ferreira, proved successful and we downloaded a huge amount of data from the GPS collar. Trompie (or M9) has now provided us with the most continual data out of all the collared leopards – 15 months!

Oom Arrie was a bit more of a problem, and it was only persistence and incredible flying skills that enabled us to get a good fix on where this darn cat was.

He was in a very nasty, rugged mountain crevice on the Karoo side of the Cederberg. Once again – a huge thanks to the Bateleurs for their incredible support of our work – we would be lost without it.

We wish to thank the following people for their generous contributions to our project
Pieter Nel (R3500); Michael Sparg(R5000), Sarah Templey (R4300) & Joan Berning (R3500); Carol & Rex Harland (R3000); Anita Gossmann (R500); Roger – Prima Tyres (R500); Bishops (R1000) & a very special Thanks to Karl & Gabi Westwig who have contributed another R10 000!

A special thank you goes out to Jason Cederwall from Energizer, who has organized assisting us with battery sponsorship. Extensive use of various batteries in the field have shown that Energizer have come out tops with the equipment we are using. This fantastic contribution will keep our camera’s snapping away for the next year! Thank you Jason!