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Douglas Lederle Memorial Fund

Published: 25 March 2008

Douglas Eason Lederle :  10.7.1971 – 20.2.2008

“Some people tread lightly on the earth, whilst others leave a huge footprint.”

Douglas was a supporter of the CLT right from the inception of the project. Our first fundraising event saw him bid for an auction item way out of his price range – to the horror of his wife Wilmien - I think. I met him when doing my rounds collecting auction money from the previous night’s function, then learning of his passion for nature.

He was well loved by his family and friends, and this consequence of his passing away has led to them contributing donations to the Trust in his memory.

This very emotional and special gesture makes us realise how important it is for us to make this project a success. We would like to thank all who knew Douglas and who made contributions to our work. We also hope that when you are out in nature, and you see a bat-eared fox, or hear the rasping call of a leopard, that you remember the effect wilderness and our environment can have on a person – such as it did on Douglas.