Introducing Our Team

Published: 02 March 2015

It’s only on rare occasions that we manage to bring our entire team together, but we got it right recently for our annual team planning meeting. We would like to thank the owner of Nova Constantia Boutique Residence, Edita Batek, and GM Lee Dicks for hosting us on the day so that we could get together in such a lovely spot for some knowledge sharing and constructive discussions. It was certainly time well spent and only good things can come of the combined brain power.

This is also an opportunity to introduce our team members so that you can put a face to a name.

2015 cape leopard trust team


Front row sitting from left to right
Hadley Lyners - Environmental Educator, Jeannie Hayward and Anita Meyer - Boland research project, Yvonne Kamp - Administrative Assistant.

Back row from left to right
Helen Turnbull - Acting CEO, Kristine Teichmann - PEACE Project, Bryan Havemann - Programme Manager, Dr Bogdan Cristescu - PEACE Project, Dr Laurel Serieys - Urban Caracal Project, Catherine Philips - Environmental Educator.

Environmental Education Coordinator, Elizabeth Martins is not in the picture. She is currently settling into her new home in California and working remotely from the northern hemisphere.

We may be a small team, but we believe that together we we can make a big difference.

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