Nature Matters - The Cape Leopard Trust Launches Cape Town Youth Art Competition

Published: 31 July 2014

The idea:

We want to know what the youth of Cape Town have to say about their environment. And we want to share that with the rest of Cape Town and visitors to the Cape through a high profile art exhibition that also raises funds for the conservation and education work of The Cape Leopard Trust.

Cape Town is world-renowned for its natural beauty. We are all part of our environment, but how connected do you feel to the natural world around you and how much do you know about what goes on in the mountains you see every day? Did you know that we have leopards here, patrolling their territories in the Hottentots-Holland moutains, gazing out across our city? Did you know that our Cape leopards are half the size of ‘normal’ leopards and that there are less than a thousand of them left in the world? Did you know that all the leopards have been killed out on the Table Mountain and Peninsula range and that now caracal are the top predators there? We have some amazing animals in our mountains. Do you recognise any of these:


A) Striped polecat; B) Honey badger; C) Aardvark; D) Large-spotted genet; E) Caracal; F) Grysbok; G) Aardwolf; H) Klipspringer

We invite you to celebrate and explore our environment and your relationship to it through the medium of Enter the Cape Town Youth Art Competition and you will stand a chance to win some amazing prizes, have your artwork displayed in a public exhibition and help raise funds for the conservation of Cape leopards!


Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 artists in each of the four categories below. Prize sponsors include: K-Way; Woolworths; Mount Nelson; Bridgestone.

The school/college/organisation whose student wins first prize will also win:

Either a Cape Leopard Trust environmental camp for 20 people in the Cederberg sponsored by Bridgestone or a Cape Leopard Trust outing for 20 people in the Boland or Peninsula mountains.


The Cape Leopard Trust (CLT) is an active predator conservation NGO in the Cape. We use research as a tool for conservation, finding solutions to human-wildlife conflict and inspiring interest in conservation and the environment through our interactive and dynamic environmental education programme. Our education project includes environmental camps in the Cederberg and outings into the natural areas around Cape Town.


Drawing/painting category

A (13 years and under): ‘Cape leopards and their environment’
Cape leopards are the top predators in the wild mountains of the Cape and therefore key to the balance of the whole ecosystem. If we protect the area for them we also protect it for all the other animals and plants in their environment. Create an artwork that celebrates Cape leopards and their world.

B (14 – 18 years): ‘My Nature’

How is your personal nature reflected in and connected to the natural world around you? Are you alert like a klipspringer, radiant as a king protea, solid as granite? Express your personal qualities and characteristics artistically through metaphors from nature that you encounter around Cape Town.

C (19 - 25 years): ‘Human-Nature relationship’

How do you see the relationship between humans and nature? 
Create an artwork that explores this relationship.

Photography category

D (All ages 25 and under): ‘Nature Matters’ 
Capture your thoughts/feelings about the importance of nature through a camera lens.


  • Drawings/paintings can be done in any medium (eg paint, pastel, charcoal, pencil, ink - please be sure to spray with hairspray or other fixative if using materials that smudge) 
  • Photographs can be in colour or black and white and must be printed
  • Size: A4, A3 or A2
  • Artworks may be mounted on plain black or white card
  • Each piece must have an artwork name and accompanying line/paragraph of text (these must be filled in on the entry form, NOT on the artwork)
  • Judging criteria: relevance to theme; visual impact; strong message; genuine personal response; creativity; skill


  • Must be original work done by entrant, following guidelines above.
  • Anyone 25 or younger may enter the competition.
  • Maximum of 10 artworks per category per school/college/organisation. Teachers/supervisors must please do a pre-selection process.
  • No artworks will be returned to entrants.
  • In entering this competition the entrant and their parent/guardian/representative agrees that the organisers have the right to auction the artworks in aid of the Cape Leopard Trust’s conservation and environmental education programme and to reproduce them and showcase the work on their and their sponsors’ websites.
  • Artworks must be received by the closing date, Monday 27th October 2014.
  • Artwork must be accompanied by a completed entry form attached to the back.
  • The top 1-5 artworks from each school/college/organisation will be displayed in a public exhibition to be held in the week leading up to the prize-giving & fundraising event. All participants will be invited to this event.
  • Judges will be made up of high-profile artists, environmentalists and Cape Leopard Trust Judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. All participating schools/colleges/organisations will be advised as to the results of the competition.