Asanda’s Camp

Published: 25 February 2014

When a story is good it should be told…

Asanda Msuthu is a passionate young woman who took part in the intensive Young Adult Rites of Passage Program run by the NGO ‘I am Somebody!’ over the past two years. The Program uses nature solos and storytelling to support young adults from diverse backgrounds in making and marking a change in their lives. ‘I am Somebody!’ has partnered with the Cape Leopard Trust education programme during this time, with the CLT hosting and sponsoring two of their camps through a grant from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund.

In September I received an ‘I am Somebody!’ newsletter in which Asanda was asking if anyone was able to help her with the funds needed to complete her matric (see below).

This was my response to Nicole, director of the program:
You can tell Asanda I'd be willing to do an exchange with her – if she can find a group who would like to come on a camp (which we could sponsor), I will personally give her the R500 she needs for her studies. That way she will be helping a group of up to 21 people to experience the Cederberg and learn more about the environment. She might even like to accompany them…

Well, Asanda rose to the occasion and has just spent five days at our camp in the Cederberg with a group of 16 energetic boys from the Nyanga-based Ses’khona soccer club where she coaches. The boys evidently loved their time in the wild, with some of their highlights being the snake that they saw (a boomslang), the stars, the insects they found, the adventurous hike up the Wolfberg Cracks and swimming in the river.

Asanda left with boys from the Seskhona soccer clubAsanda (left) with boys from the Ses'khona soccer club


Close upClose up!


Insect artInsect art


In the heart of the CracksIn the heart of the Cracks


Dwarfed by bouldersDwarfed by boulders

Asanda has already enrolled and started studying and she will continue to coach and mentor children at the afterschool soccer club in her community.

I am very impressed with this dedicated, powerful, warm woman. Asanda, I salute you!

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