To Skin a Cat

Published: 14 September 2011

One of the greatest threats to leopards in Southern Africa is the illegal skin trade. An innovative project has been set up to deal with this issue - ‘To Skin A Cat’. They are at a critical stage in this project. Here is an excerpt from their current plea:

Leopards may be a symbol of power and strength but they are vulnerable to human greed. To Skin a Cat is a film that exposes the loss of leopard populations to an illegal skin trade. It is also the story of one team's mission to save these beloved big cats by introducing a high-quality imitation skin to the market. After 8 intense months of filming that saw a new fur-making machine arrive from China, the first designs of the fur completed and a contested Shembe succession, we are on the brink of multiple breakthroughs. To ensure we can capture the exciting next chapter of this incredible story we need to raise R150,000 in the next 8 weeks...

To find out more and contribute to this important cause, please visit their website on

The Cape Leopard Trust fully supports this project.

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