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2009 Cape Leopard Trust Annual Report

Published: 14 December 2009

Dear Cape Leopard Trust Supporters,

Thank you for your amazing support of our work. It is quite difficult to conceive that 2009 has almost run its course. It really feels like the year has flown by very quickly. However, when one considers all that has been accomplished and everything that has happened, it makes it more plausible that another year has passed in the work of conserving leopards, broader conservation and environmental issues as well as the tackling of an education facet of the project.

Please take the time to read our annual report.

2009 Cape Leopard Trust Annual Report 2009 Cape Leopard Trust Annual Report 1.64 Mb 

Special thanks must go to our brilliant Board of Trustees, to all our sponsors, camera trap donors, spot adopters and general supporters, who have contributed so generously to the continued success of this growing project.

We wish you all a wonderful festive season, a Merry Christmas and safe travels over the New Year. See you in 2010!