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Published: 31 July 2012
Published: 25 July 2012
Dr Quinton Martins, the man behind The Cape Leopard Trust, has seen only seven ad hoc sight­ings of wild leo­pards in the Cederberg where his research takes place in eight years. Even with col­lars, he sees but a few each…
Published: 25 May 2012
It was 1 May and somewhere in space; a satellite was receiving a message and relaying it back to earth. A leopard cage alarm had been activated and Dr Quinton Martins, from The Cape Leopards Trust,…
Published: 16 May 2012
STELLENBOSCH. – ’n Jong luiperdmannetjie wat in ’n wingerd op die wynlandgoed Tokara langs die Helshoogtepas met ’n sensorkamera afgeneem is, is vermoedelik die eerste luiperd wat in die Simonsberg gewaar is. Daar was al gerugte…
Published: 19 April 2012
Published: 18 April 2012
Published: 18 April 2012

The Cape Leopard Trust Trapping Techniques

icon no trap Short overview of three trapping methods considered by the Cape Leopard Trust as safe and humane

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