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Special thanks and our 2009 December Break

Published: 14 December 2009

The Cape Leopard Trust is taking some time off during the December period. We will be back in the full swing of things in January. However, before we sneak off to avoid the holiday rush, we would like to thank the following supporters for recent contributions made to the project.

Firstly, we would like to thank Matthew Philogene for his website support and tenacious attitude, forcing us to feed information on the project to him. Thanks Matthew & raramuridesign  for your amazing work on the site!

Then we would like to thank

Rand Merchant Bank Fund
Since the inception of the project, the RMB Fund, a division of the FirstRand Foundation, have been one of the main supporters of our project. Their contribution to our work has made all the difference, allowing our project to grow and achieve the valuable results needed to make a difference in our environment and society. We would once again like to thank this leading institution for its recent funding of R210,000 for 2010. Thank You.

Leopards Leap Wines
Also one of the Trust’s first and main sponsors, Leopards Leap Wines continues to support our project with tremendous enthusiasm and commitment. They have recently launched a new range in Asia dedicated to the Cape Leopard Trust. We cannot thank them enough for their ongoing support.

BJK Industries
With all the exciting projects we have happening next year, including the capturing of leopard footage and documenting of our project, the Cape Leopard Trust was in need of some serious photographic and video equipment. With the help of ORMS Pro Photolab and Canon SA, we were offered some of the best equipment for our project at the best possible price. We would like to thank Brendhan Kannemeyer from BJK Industries for coming to our assistance and donating the money to purchase this equipment. His ongoing support includes numerous helicopter leopard tracking flights in the Cederberg (with the Bateleurs).  Thanks Jock!

The Cape Leopard Trust continues to receive valuable contributions from the public and corporate sector in SA as well as from around the world. We would like to thank Doeda Vierstra, The Rotary Club, Mavis GashWood, Derek Vaugh-Heapy, Integrated Labour Solutions and the Pick ‘n Pay Family Trust for their valuable contributions recently donated to our project. Thanks also to Jacques Slabber for his ongoing support.

A special thanks must go to the children of Bridge House School in Franschehoek as well as the wonderful venture – the Save The Game Campaign – created by a group of Bishops children. These children have actively, on their own accord, gone out to raise awareness and funds on behalf of the Cape Leopard Trust. 

Camera Trap Sponsors
A special note for our camera trap sponsors. As soon as we return in January, we will assimilate all special camera photographs and send these to you. With our minimal staff compliment (to lessen the admin burden of the Trust) and the tons of work we had to finish at the last minute we were unable to get all the pics together. Thank you for your support.

Johan Ferreira – for his hours of flying me around the Cederberg in the Scout or Champ tracking (or trying to) leopards. His flights, in association with the Bateleurs, have been an invaluable source of data collecting, and have made researching these extremely elusive beasts that much easier.

Karukareb Nature Reserve – If you haven’t visited this little lodge in the stunning Boskloof, then you should try to do so. Thanks to Elsa, Daniel, Dawid, Duifie and all the other staff for remaining positive while we tried to (& eventually did) trap and collar M14 on their reserve. Thank You.

Di Souter & Dave Moore – from Agter Packhuis, for their patience and effort in assisting us capture and remove collars off M7 (Kooitjie)& Amber (F9). We WILL get them first thing next year.