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Johan was captured and collared on the 23 February

Published: 08 March 2006

Dear Friends
I am unbelievably happy to tell you..."Johan" was captured and collared on the 23 February!!!!!!  I have been in the field since then, and have only now finally been able to get this information out.
I could not believe that it had finally happened! I was hoping someone would pinch me so I could wake up. How many nights had I dreamt about finding this awesome "guy" in our cages so brilliantly constructed by Jaco van Deventer of Cape Nature. PERFECT!!!

The darting procedure went absolutely perfectly and the collar sponsored by Bushmans Kloof (www.bushmanskloof.co.za) was a great fit . Here lies the cat adopted by Leopards Leap Wines (www.leopards-leap.com) and the wildlife magazine Africa Geographic (www.africa-geographic.com). Beautiful!

This had all happened soon after I found his fresh tracks go around the cage early on the Sunday morning (19th) - I had not seen signs of him for almost 4 months - then he went and walked around the cage!!! LUCKILY, he wondered back again a few days later & walked right in on the Thursday. Remember - no bait to lure him in - just a double door walk-through cage trap placed in the middle of this incredible wilderness.

Also - You would also not guess his weight. We always thought he was a big boy from the camera trap photos - but 45kg!!! Massive for our leopards found in the Western Cape.  "Houdini", our other collared male leopard weighed a mere 31kg.

Acceptable trapping techniques

icon no trap The Cape Leopard Trust’s position statement on acceptable trapping techniques for carnivore research

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