ART COMPETITION 2019 LAUNCHED: “Predator & prey: what's on the menu for leopards in the Cape?”

ART COMPETITION 2019 LAUNCHED: “Predator & prey: what's on the menu for leopards in the Cape?”
Published: 03 April 2019

It’s that time again. Our annual Art Competition is ready to roll and this year it’s another exciting calendar competition. Entries for the 2019 Cape Leopard Trust Art Competition are now open!

This is an amazing initiative for budding artists and offers an opportunity for youngsters to unleash their creative prowess. The theme for 2019 is: “Predator & prey: What's on the menu for leopards in the Cape?”

Nature is all around us. It’s available for everyone to enjoy, and we need to protect it. It’s a place where we can learn about the Cape’s incredible biodiversity and how to appreciate the wilderness. The competition is a great opportunity to bring to light how leopards play an important role in balancing ecosystems as an umbrella species here in the Cape. Scientific evidence tells us that predators help to keep populations of large herbivores in check, which is important for the ecosystem and human health. Leopards roaming the Cape fold mountains have a varied diet, and entrants can investigate what leopards eat and express it through
art. It’s a great way to learn more about leopards and gain insight about why they are important, as well as to discover more about the many other animals that live in the Cape fold mountains.

Please download the competition guidelines and entry forms from our website ( and submit your entries by post in good time before the closing date on Friday, 7 June 2019.

We look forward to being inspired, and seeing the results of some great work! 

About the Competition

The aim of the competition is to create awareness about why we need predators to support healthy eco-systems. This year we particularly want participants to highlight the important role that leopards play in the Cape’s unique biodiversity. The theme for this year is: “Predator & prey: what's on the menu for leopards in the Cape?“ It is intended to allow young artists to explore and question the interdependency of predators and prey in the bigger picture of ecosystem health. Each year the quality of the art competition entries improves, and we are excited to see how this year’s submissions will be inspired by the theme.

The 9 winners (3 winners from 3 different age categories) will have the opportunity to attend an environmental education camp, with a friend of their choice, from Friday, 11th Sunday, 13th October 2019. The lucky winners will experience the Cederberg first hand, and learn about the pristine wilderness areas of the Cape which are home to the Cape’s leopards. This once in a lifetime opportunity will improve knowledge, promote good conservation practices and empower young people to develop a stronger relationship with the natural world.

As part of the prize, each winner will receive a copy of the 2020 calendar featuring their artwork, presented by our environmental educators at their schools along with a complimentary presentation on leopards and other animals of the Western Cape. In addition to the nine main winners, we choose five runners-up to ensure there are sufficient artworks to create a complete calendar. Runners-up will each receive a copy of the calendar and a complimentary presentation at their schools.

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