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Apache, M11 Adoption - In memory of Paul Middelmann

Published: 22 April 2008

"Paul passed away in November 2006. He was a staunch Cape Leopard Trust  supporter, influencing many others to do the same. His family, including his  mom all got involved in one way or another and I feel privileged to have  known him. Apart from this, he knew what was important to a man living in  the mountains alone. On one occasion, Paul, his wife and a number of  relatives ( a convoy in fact) came to visit the project in winter 2005.

Apache, M11 Adoption - In memory of Paul Middelmann 

I  took them out to Bakkrans Nature Reserve on a really cold morning. Having  thus experienced the extreme conditions I was working in, Paul sent me the  most awesome gift which reminds me of him every day - a thermos coffee mug  with its own internal plunger for "real coffee" (& a bag of delicious dark  roast coffee).

Paul's family have continued to support our work, and have adopted the male  leopard, M11, calling him "Apache" after the 1958 Chevy Pick-up Paul  restored so beautifully. Apache was captured and collared in November last  year. I track him on foot on a regular occasion, often coming within meter's  of him. His territory is in the heart of the Cederberg - an area previously  inhabited by "Houdini". He has taken over Houdini's territory even utilising  the same borders" - from Quinton.

The Cape Leopard Trust would like to thank the Middelmann family for their wonderful support. We hope to continue effecting positive changes in our  environment ensuring the survival of these elusive and threatened cats as well as other animals living in this beautiful wilderness.

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