Women's weekend, The Leopard Within - 23rd-26th September 2010

Published: 10 May 2010

Since starting the Education Programme and working with the local children we have wondered how else we can offer something valuable to the local communities. These communities face issues of alcoholism, limited work, lack of motivation and low self-esteem.  

We think that self-empowerment could be an important catalyst for positive change, and therefore sought a creative and effective way to empower local women. In keeping with the nature of our organisation, we looked at how this could be linked with leopards and the environment. An idea emerged which has since grown into something much broader than originally considered. The question we asked was, ‘What qualities does a leopard have that we can learn from?’ When we considered this question, we realized that those very qualities of a leopard would be hugely empowering if developed in people. And that this would apply to women from elsewhere as much as from the local communities. 

I have since been working with Bronwen Lankers-Byrne, whose self-empowerment courses I have previously attended, to formulate a weekend for women, in which we would explore the qualities of a leopard within us. It is our pleasure to announce that the first women’s weekend ‘The Leopard Within – a wilderness experience for women’ will be held on the 23rd-26th September 2010. For a full invitation, open the file attached below: 

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The Leopard Within Registration Form The Leopard Within Registration Form 73.22 Kb 

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