The Cape Leopard Trust "Miles for Cats" Appeal

The Cape Leopard Trust "Miles for Cats" Appeal
Published: 25 November 2013

Are you an individual or corporate company with a surplus of Air Miles credits and no chance to use them?

The Cape Leopard Trust needs your help.

We have launched an exciting new project in Namaqualand that will see us working with local farmers and communities to help them work in harmony with nature and with predators while enhancing South Africa's food productivity. 

Our research will include the need to capture and collar leopards, caracals (and black-backed jackals) - all elusive and wily specimens in this arid landscape. We are therefore calling on the CLT's Capture for Conservation initiative to secure the services of the best and most ethical international big cat capture experts qualified to help us fit satellite tracking collars to our study animals. We need to make provision for two animal capture specialists to travel from the USA to Cape Town over the next three months.

They will assist in the capture but also train CLT staff for this project - ensuring that they will be able to continue trapping without support after the 3 months. We know it's a tall order, but they are worth it. If you think you can help please email Helen at: [email protected] 

We need your support!

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