Oom Schalk Gala Fun'raiser for The Cape Leopard Trust

Oom Schalk Gala Fun'raiser for The Cape Leopard Trust
Published: 01 July 2013

Please join The Cape Leopard Trust for an evening of classic storytelling with acclaimed local actor, David Muller, weaving magic as Oom Schalk, with a selection of much loved tales from Herman Charles Bosman. Mampoer, veldskoen, pipe and all!

All profits from the evening go to The Cape Leopard Trust.

The show 'OOM SCHALK, FROM THE HEART', has been traveling the country and will be performed at the Masque Theatre in August. Here are a few comments from the audiences:

The theatre critic Amanda Bothma wrote, “The combination of Bosman, a master story teller, most probably the best southern Africa will ever produce, and (David) Muller, a veteran of South African theatre, is powerful and entertaining. "Muller and director Celia Musikanth have selected some of the best from Bosman and Muller's retelling of In the Withaak's Shade is masterful...he paints the characters with such detail you actually feel that you know thempersonally...a theatrical experience not to be missed."

[email protected] said, “Fantastic way to share Oom Schalk with my children. Thank you for Psalm 119 (Bekkersdal Marathon) - an all-time favourite."

Khaya Matyobeni from East London wrote, " I am a great fan of Herman Charles Bosman and Oom Schalk. You really brought the old story teller to life. Thank you verymuch. I was supremely entertained."

We look forward to sharing a magical evening of laughter with you! For details, please refer to the poster.

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