Cape Leopard Calendar Competition

Published: 22 April 2013

Monday 22nd April is Earth Day, an appropriate day to be announcing the winners of the CLT Cape Leopard Calendar Competition!

Initiated and sponsored by Bridgestone SA, this inspiring competition was open to all schools in the Western Cape and distributed primarily through WESSA’s successful Eco-schools initiative. The sought after first prize is a fully sponsored Cape Leopard Trust environmental camp in the Cederberg valued at R14 000.


1st Prize: 3-night Cape Leopard Trust Camp in the Cederberg plus goodies plus 50 calendars
2nd Prize: Cape Leopard Trust Day Trip plus goodies
3rd Prize: Art materials plus goodies

The concept of the calendar competition was to motivate children in grades 5-7 to learn about one of its most elusive mammals, the Cape mountain leopard. Many adults, let alone children, are unaware of the existence of this ghostlike cat, conjuring up incredible creativity in the entries. This made deciding on an overall winner all the more difficult. The enthusiasm with which the entries were put together showed that the children had thought long and hard about the life of a Cape leopard, and the bigger conservation picture. The element of art in the competition also emphasised the value of the artistic and visual both for the personal process of connecting creatively with the subject and for its power in sharing awareness with others.

‘I was touched by the sincerity and effort that the children had applied to their calendars and also pleased to see that some of the schools that we have sponsored on camps before entered the competition,’ commented Elizabeth Martins, CLT Education Programme Coordinator.

Calendars were expected to be creative, attractive and informative – the challenge being to create a calendar that catches people’s attention and inspires an interest in Cape leopards.

View the gallery at the end of this page.

Finally the judges reached a decision – they simply could not choose between the top two calendars. Bridgestone SA came to the rescue with an incredible offer to provide two first prizes, a CLT environmental camp for each of the schools!


We are pleased to congratulate, in 1st place, the children of Muizenberg Junior and Kommetjie Primary for their outstanding works. Thank you for inspiring us.

img cover of kommetjie primarys winning calendar

Cover of winning Kommetjie Junior calendar                           

img cover of muizenberg juniors winning calendar

Cover of winning Muizenberg Junior calendar

The winning 2014 calendars will be professionally produced and available for distribution. Please contact the Cape Leopard Trust if you would like a print.

Congratulations also go to runners up Pringle House Eco Primary (2nd) and Observatory Junior (3rd) for their beautiful creations.

winning calendars 2013

Judges from left, Errol Momsen (Bridgestone), Megan Butler (Bridgestone) with Kommetjie Primary's calendar (1st tie), Lisa Losken (Lisa Losken Design) with Muizenberg Junior's calendar (1st tie), Helena Atkinson (WESSA Eco Schools) with Pringle House Eco Primary's calendar (2nd), Elizabeth Martins (CLT) with Observatory Junior's calendar (3rd), Helen Turnbull (CLT)     

A few comments from the judges:

"There was such variety and creativity in the interpretation of the task, it clearly showed that the children had given careful thought to the theme and really had fun making their calendars" – Helen Turnbull

 ‘All the entries show that the children clearly show a great appreciation for Cape leopards.  The use of colour and drawings in the calendars was very inspiring and it was tough to pick a winner. The two winning schools really blew us away with their calendar design, beautiful drawings and bright vivid use of colour.  I can't wait to see the printed calendars.’ - Helena Atkinson

We will leave you with this unexpected gem that opened the Kommetjie Primary calendar:

A Rustle in the bush

The sky is black
studded with stars
shining just like jewels
and underneath the sky’s dim rays
a leopard stalks his prey.
His eyes are as gold as fields of wheat
And his spots are lined with white
And all around him
Echo the sounds of night.
A cricket calls.
A frog croaks.
A rustle in the bush. 

By Miriam, 10 years old

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