Sponsored camps resume in the Cederberg

Sponsored camps resume in the Cederberg
Published: 19 September 2011

September has come and with it camp season in the Cederberg has begun again. This season the Cape Leopard Trust’s environmental camps are fully booked. The first two have been sponsored camps – Paternoster’s St Augustine school and the Muizenberg Beach Club. It is through the generous support of the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) that the CLT’s education programme is able to function. It has been an absolute delight seeing the newly decorated NLDTF bus in the mountains filled with children!
We would like to share some feedback that we have had on these two camps.

From St Augustine’s Primary, Paternoster:

Dear Mrs Martins

Re: Camp of 2 September 2011 till 4 September 2011

I would hereby like to thank you profusely for the opportunity granted to our grade seven learners. I can assure you that had it not been for your institution, such a close encounter with nature would never have been possible for these children. The manner in which your facilitators incorporated the curriculum was terrific, to say the least. Please continue doing the good work!

The feedback from the teacher and parents who accompanied the learners was more than positive and they commended the way in which you run your programme. As a matter of interest: we also had a few difficult learners who attended the camp, but I must inform you that the change in the behaviour of those learners is remarkable! The general perception is that “you cannot be the same person after an experience at Cape Leopard Trust” Thank you so much for this...

I know that it is a little soon, but with your permission, we would like to attend the same camp, with a different set of learners next year. By the way, we also commend you with your professional aptitude, the prompt replies and consistent integrity with which you handled this year’s camp. Similar initiatives can truly learn a thing or two by the Leopard Trust Team!

We cannot thank you enough for your initiative and I assure you that the Paternoster community will be forever grateful for this wonderful opportunity. Much appreciation for your patience.

May God bless you and your staff abundantly. Go well.

Yours truly,


The children braved a river crossing in wild weather to set a leopard camera trap


And from the Muizenberg Beach Club:
The Muizenberg Beach Club is a non-profit, volunteer-run, organization, which provides disadvantaged children with the opportunity to develop a positive and healthy lifestyle.  We work daily with children from the nearby under-resourced areas of Lavender Hill and Capricorn, communities where the children struggle daily with violence and poverty. Our programs bring the children out of their community for daily activities such as hiking, soccer, surfing, and snorkeling at Muizenberg Beach.

The Cape Leopard Trust was so amazing in providing an opportunity for these children to have a camping experience in the Cederberg. It was their first time outside of Cape Town and they absolutely loved everything! We all benefitted from a weekend of peace, where we slept in tents out in nature without worrying about any violence or crime.  Hiking for five hours up the mountain was a huge challenge, but in the end I could see how proud every child was for accomplishing such a tough task. The kids also had the opportunity to learn about the importance of taking care of our environment, preserving water, and caring for the plants and animals of the Western Cape. They additionally learned about the history of the people who lived in the mountains long ago and were able to see the rock art. In the evenings we enjoyed a braai over the fire pit and a long stroll to learn about the stars.  An experience on a camp such as this is something that every child deserves to have, but unfortunately the majority of children in the Western Cape do not have the resources to make this possible. We are so grateful for the Cape Leopard Trust for providing us with this memorable experience.
Kind Regards,
Elizabeth Benninger, Muizenberg Beach Club Director

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