Grove Senior Primary School gets active for conservation

Published: 02 December 2010

A few months ago, I received an email from Leo Kahanowitz, a grade 7 learner from Grove Primary School, asking for information about the leopards. He wanted to do a presentation on Cape leopards and the work of the Cape Leopard Trust for his school in order to motivate the children to do a fundraising drive paired with their cross-country running event.

We have been most impressed with Leo since then, as he put in a huge amount of effort and did exactly what he set out to do. They managed to raise R3119,20 for the conservation of leopards and have adopted a rosette on the female leopard, Spot. They will receive quarterly updates on her and her cubs.

Our thanks to Leo and all the children of Grove Primary School who were involved – what an inspiration they are!


A very curious cub - Spot's cubs are now 11 months old

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