Oom Pep – Caught On Camera But Not To Be Caged

Published: 01 July 2010
‘Oom Pep’ (GM1) of the Gouritz is living up to the claim of leopards being extremely elusive cats. Only about 400m away from our cage trap on Groenefontein Nature Reserve, we have a camera trap that is still operating. After downloading this month’s photographs we have two photographs of Oom Pep walking past the camera – however, he appears to be carefully avoiding the cage trap!


Interestingly, the leopard that we captured at that site has never been photographed at
the nearby camera trap site, suggesting that the trap may be right on the boundary of
two male territories. We have now moved the trap closer to the camera, and hope to
catch and collar Oom Pep soon. It will be interesting to see were exactly his territory

- Aneri, Gouritz CLT Project

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