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Published: 10 May 2010

The Cape Leopard Trust has collaborated with six other environmental NGOs (Endangered Wildlife Trust; Wildlands; Wilderness Foundation South Africa; Game Rangers Association of Africa; SANCCOB; and WESSA) to start a new magazine on conservation matters called ‘Environment – people and conservation in Africa’.

This magazine runs quarterly issues, and the third issue is due to come out soon. The participating NGOs each buy copies of the magazine and the costs are also subsidized by advertising.  The magazine is packed with interesting and informative articles on current environmental issues, natural history as well as book reviews and a calendar of environmental events. Each NGO also has pages where it provides an article on its work.

The first two issues have been very well received as the letter to the editor, Dr John Ledger, below shows:

Hi John,

I have finally seen the second edition of 'Environment' in which you have given my new 'Wildlife of South Africa' book a great review . . . thank you very much for this! My original copy of the mag seems to have been lost in the post, but I was sent a replacement. The magazine is looking terrific, so well done for that. With so much environmental information being thrown at us from so many different directions these days, I find it very hard to process. The new magazine is capturing and disseminating the most relevant and interesting subjects, in a format that is wonderfully easy to digest and access. Congratulations to everyone involved. I hope in the near future to submit an article or two myself. (Duncan Butchart)

To receive a copy of ‘Environment – people and conservation in Africa’ by post, please email [email protected], include your name, postal address and phone number. Cost per year for 4 editions is R80 and includes postage within RSA.

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