Education and Outreach Programme

Published: 12 February 2009

The Cape Leopard Trust’s Education and Outreach Programme officially began in January 2009. Elizabeth Martins (neé Bond) is co-ordinating the programme. “This is the beginning of a very exciting programme, with endless possibilities”, says Elizabeth. This Programme is primarily aimed at children, providing them with quality experiences that teach them more about the wilderness and themselves. Outlined below are the main thrusts of the Programme.

Children’s School Camps

The Cape Leopard Trust runs camps with a variety of themes, suitable for children aged 10 – 18 in the Cederberg Mountains of the Western Cape. Depending on the nature of the group, different themes will be explored, including biodiversity, leopard biology, animal tracking, geology, rock art, astronomy and survival skills. For the older children, we look at current issues such as human-wildlife conflict, the role of tourism in conservation and the value of research. All camps have an underlying goal, which is that young people develop an understanding of and connection with the wilderness. We use a combination of adventure, art and science to this end.

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Family Group Trips

The Cape Leopard Trust has found that there is a need to run family group trips in order to accommodate younger children, who still need parental supervision, and children whose schools are unable to attend School Camps. These trips will follow the same lines as the school camps and fees will be the same. Parents are expected to supervise their children and we will facilitate the programme. Minimum of 6 children.

Local Environmental Club

We have started working with the local Cederberg school at Eselbank and will be running an environmental programme for the grade 4 – 6 children. The children will be taken out regularly on walks in the wilderness surrounding their school and will learn about the natural environment and its many facets. Creative work will be done in relation to what they observe and learn in the veld. The aim is to open the eyes and hearts of these children to the wonders of nature, the value of their environment and their own powers of observation.

School Presentations

The Cape Leopard Trust is offering to do presentations at schools. The content of the presentations will be the intriguing life of the threatened Cape mountain leopard, the general work of the Project and issues around human-wildlife conflict. The story of the Cape Leopard Trust and its work is inspiring and offers positive examples to the children of how one can discover things for oneself and effect change. Presentations are approx. 45 minutes and free of charge (donations gratefully accepted).

For more information or to make a booking, please email Elizabeth Martins on [email protected]

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