Section 03 - Choosing your topics

Choosing your topics

A wide variety of topics can be explored and camp programmes are unique to each group depending on their age, needs and interests. In preparation for a camp, group leaders will work with our Environmental Educators in the design of a programme.

Some of the potential camp themes include

  • Reptiles and scorpions
  • Geology
  • Fossil hunting
  • Geography
  • Survival and navigation skills
  • Art, writing and photography (must provide own cameras)
  • Life skills and self-development

The following are examples of activities

  • Hiking with exploration of Fynbos and Karoo biomes
  • Animal tracking workshop at first light
  • Visit to Stadsaal or Truijtieskraal for rock formation viewing
  • Night walk with astronomy lesson and UV light scorpion search
  • Visit to leopard or caracal kill site
  • Setting up and checking a camera trap
  • Drawing and creative writing activities while watching the sunset
  • Predator and Prey team building and other games

The Cape Leopard Trust Trapping Techniques

icon no trap Short overview of three trapping methods considered by the Cape Leopard Trust as safe and humane

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