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Middle East Conservation Award for Cape Leopard Trust
Earlier this year during a trip to the Middle East, Cape Leopard Trust CEO and founder, Dr Quinton Martins was presented with a special award by the director of the  National Wildlife and Research Centre (NWRC) on behalf of Secretary General, HH Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia. Quinton was recognised for his assistance and support of the Arabian leopard conservation initiative and joins the likes of snow leopard research legend Dr Rodney Jackson in the plight to conserve this rare and threatened cat.
Figure 1. Arabian leopard in captivity at the NWRC breeding centre
In January, Cape Leopard Trust founding member and CEO, Quinton Martins, was invited to conduct an Arabian leopard ecology and conservation workshop by the Saudi Wildlife Authority based at the National Wildlife Research Centre (NWRC) in Taif, Saudi Arabia. The Arabian leopard Panthera pardus nimr is classified as Critically Endangered according to the IUCN Red Data List (2008). A resident population of this rare and endangered subspecies is known to exist in Oman and Yemen, but is unknown for Saudi Arabia. Recent surveys suggest total population estimates of 200 for the entire Arabian Peninsula may be an overestimate. Since 1999,…
Friday, 01 March 2013 11:17

'Mystery Animal' Challenge

'Mystery Animal' Challenge
We are pleased to announce the lucky winner of our first 'Mystery Animal' brain teaser is Richard McKibbin. Richard was the first person to correctly identify the acrobatic 'dassie' caught on camera. But, there are many more weird and wonderful snapshots to entice you with, and to give you a little 'heads up' we can tell you that this month's picture is not the Easter bunny delivering chocolate eggs. The person who correctly identifies the animal in the mystery image will receive a prize, kindly donated by one of our sponsors. The deadline for entries is March 22nd, and the…
Friday, 01 March 2013 07:21

What's new in the Education Project?

Children setting off on a CLT camp, packing their bags into the trusty trailer with much excitement
The dawning of a new year brings with it a new camp season in the Cederberg, along with the some fresh new equipment, people and ideas. We are very grateful for our new 7ft trailer (‘Ayla the Traila’), generously sponsored by a fairy godmother who wishes to remain anonymous. Thanks also to Venter for providing us with a substantial discount that made it all possible. The CLT Education Project has two new interns who will be working with us for the first camp season. Callum Clark brings with him a passion for nature, a guide’s qualification and a particular interest…
Thursday, 21 February 2013 05:00

Meet Enzo, Sheeva and Nala!

Meet Enzo, Sheeva and Nala!
Leopard’s Leap Family Vineyards recently announced the winner of their “Name the Leopard Campaign”, a competition launched to encourage the public to find names for the three Boland leopards adopted by Leopard’s Leap. Congratulations to Camilo Jacobus from KuilsRiver in Cape Town for his winning entry! The first leopard is an adult male, called BM4 (Boland Male #4 - his research identity number). His colloquial name is now “Enzo”, and he has been photographed by a number of remote-sensing cameras (camera trap) located in and around the Klein Drakenstein and Wemmershoek mountains. One of these camera traps is situated on…
Wednesday, 06 February 2013 01:00

CLT Land Cruiser gets Barloworld makeover

CLT Land Cruiser gets Barloworld makeover
The Cape Leopard Trust has projects in some of the most rugged terrain in South Africa, and as such requires tough, reliable vehicles. Our Toyota Land Cruiser (fondly names “Witblitz”) has worked harder than most since it was sponsored brand new in 2007.  With 175,000 km on the odometer and mechanically perfect, the cruiser was looking rather the worse for wear from the wear and tear of bush scrapes taking the paintwork off. In December, Derek Hitchcock, executive of the Barloworld Motorgroup offered to redo the bodywork as a very generous sponsorship from Barloworld Coachworks in Tokai. The car was…
Wednesday, 30 January 2013 11:19

Monthly 'Mystery Animal' Challenge

Monthly 'Mystery Animal' Challenge
For all of you wildlife enthusiasts out there, we are offering you the opportunity to stretch your imagination in a new monthly 'brain teaser'. Each month we will select an unusual animal photograph, captured by one of our clever remote trap cameras. As you can imagine, we often have curious and strange 'goings on' out in the wild. The person who correctly identifies the animal in the mystery image will receive a prize, kindly donated by one of our sponsors. This month's giveaway is a year's subscription to 'Environment' magazine. The cutoff date for entries is February 21st, and lucky winner…
Thursday, 10 January 2013 04:44

Cycling in a pink tutu for the Cape leopard

Piet van Heerde in his pink tutu cycling along the Bottelary road
Early on Saturday morning, 8 December 2012, motorists and cyclists along Bottelary road were treated to the singular sight of a big guy cycling on a single-speed bike, wearing a white t-shirt with the words “Cape Leopard Trust” in bold black letters printed on the back and...a pink tutu!! This spectacle was the result of a challenge set to Piet van Heerde, a member of the Land Cruiser Club of Southern Africa (LCCSA), by some of his fellow club members after purchasing a bicycle with the same name as their favourite off-road vehicle...a simple, black, single-gear Cruiser. After one LCCSA…
Thursday, 10 January 2013 02:32

Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2012
If you are interested to know what the Cape Leopard Trust projects were keeping themselves busy with during the course of 2012 and what plans are in the pipe line for 2013 and beyond, please download the digital version of the report from our website. The report is filled with information on each individual research project, the educational project and our vision going forward. Maps, graphs and images completes the picture and we hope that after reading this you will understand the importance for continued research in the field, conservation in general, environmental education and the further growth and development…
I came to Cape Leopard Trust to complete a 3-month internship as part of my continued South African Game Ranger career enhancement.  My goals were two-fold, to become involved in the on-going research and to assist with the eco-school camps.  I quickly learned how to set up and breakdown the campsite for school groups.  Trying to teach kids how to put up tents can be challenging. Demonstrating how to put up a tent  Learning about the various animals of the Cederberg was enjoyable as it allowed me to provide presentations and answer questions from students about animal behavior and habits. …

Latest News Updates

  • In the field with Steve Winter

    In the field with Steve Winter

    Wildlife camera trap photography has been with us for a good few years now. Countless research organisations, conservation institutions and private landowners all over the world use camera traps to catch glimpses into the secret lives of shy and nocturnal creatures. Anyone who has ever set a camera trap knows…
    Written on Monday, 01 September 2014 14:23
  • Join Hayden Quinn on his Good Food Journey around South Africa as He Meets The Cape Leopard Trust

    Tune in to SABC3 on Monday 1 September for the next episode of 'Hayden Quinn South Africa' at 9.30pm. Surfer, marine biologist, WWF SASSI ambassador and Australian Master Chef finalist visits South Africa to taste the best of what the country has to offer in partnership with the Woolworths sustainability…
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