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Leaving a Bequest to the Cape Leopard Trust

If you already have a will it is easy to add a section called a codicil, which names The Cape Leopard Trust as a beneficiary. A codicil is prepared and signed just like a will and can add a specific bequest.

Your bequest can take several forms, including:

  • The balance of your estate after caring for your family and friends.
  • A specific portion of the balance of your estate.
  • A specific amount of money.
  • An individual item that has value.
Click to Leave a Bequest Online
We use to process credit card payments. Once you have registered,
you will have several options available to process your donation.

Contact us should you require any further assistance in bequeathing funds to The Cape Leopard Trust.

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    Latest update from the Predator Ecology and Coexistence Project – All in a day’s work

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